Monday, September 12, 2011

Thursday 7/28/11 Garden planning, school supplies and chickens...

We are going to start a garden this week. I know that it is late in the year, but a lot of gardeners plant successive plantings throughout the summer. I looked at my seed packets and some of them mature in sixty days. If winter does not come until October, November...December, we could get a good harvest. The garden is about five feet by five feet. We didn't plant at the beginning of the year, there were rabbits in our neighborhood. The rabbits are gone now.----- School starts soon. I'm not ready. I need to order school shirts for Maggie and Beth. Sign William up at college, get school supplies and the rest of their clothes, and haircuts. Have I forgotten anything?----- We may go ice skating this weekend. There is a rink here in town that is open year round. We need to do something fun and different this weekend.----- Our three chickens have quit laying eggs. It could be because it is too hot, above 90 deg. each day.

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