Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wednesday 8/24/11 Girl Scouts, starting school and cultural events...

Maggie got together with the Girl Scouts last week. They made smoothies and covers for three ring binders.-----Beth has her first day of school today. It is freshman orientation. She is so excited. She took off all of her bracelets and necklaces until she could see what was allowed at her school. She has two days of orientation. I am not sure what day classes start for her. She is going to ask a teacher which day school starts. We all prayed for her this morning for a good year, just like we did for Maggie, and like we will do for William. I took her picture. They also get their picture taken on the last day of school.----- Maggie needs a cultural event and volunteer hours this year. We need to do these soon, since she doesn't have much homework yet. I went to the library this morning and got all of the local free newspapers to see what cultural events were going on this weekend.-----Our beans have come up in the garden, but nothing else. I think that we put too much dirt on the other rows. I am going to re-plant the other three rows today. Each row is only about four feet long.

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