Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sunday 8/14/11 Walking, learning to drive, gardens and braces...

I did get a short nap today.-----The girls and I took a short walk around the cemetery today. Just a short walk. It was good to get some exercise. -----We have been having the kids pull the car up to the garage. Maggie pulled the car in today. It was her first time to drive. Beth is next. William was last week. I want them to start pulling in the car all of the time. They should get drivers licenses...someday. When they feel ready to get their licenses, I want them to feel comfortable in the car. William will be 22 on his birthday, Maggie will be 16 and Beth will be 15. They just arn't ready yet. No one wants to get the learners packet.-----We grew some melon plants inside from seeds for part of the summer. When we planted the garden in the backyard these two plants...and all of their vines...were moved outside. Their leaves have started perking up. I haven't seen any melons starting to form.-----William got his braces off today. He has such a big smile and his teeth look great!!!

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