Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wednesday 8/10/11 School and the garden...

William signed up for school today at the college. He has a late class one night a week. He was excited to be signing up. -----The garden is ready to plant. On top of the newspsper, we have put flattened cereal boxes and straw. Then we dug up dirt from the chicken run. It has a lot of chicken droppings. On top of that I would like to put compost. The garden should be planted soon. When winter comes we can put the hoop house over it.----- School starts soon. The kids need haircuts this weekend and we need to look at school supplies and clothes.----- Maggie finished her summer homework today. I want to take a look at it before it is printed.----- I would like to move to a house that has a bigger yard and a wood burning stove.

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