Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wednesday 10/29/08 church...

William didn't have school today, so he stayed home. The girls and I went to church tonight. Usually on Wednesdays they have kids choir and dinner. But tonight, they had dinner and a slimefest. They must have invited all of the town, there were a lot of families there that I didn't recognise. Maggie went as a witch and Beth was a princess. I usually take the pictures of the events, but they were short one person so I helped. I had the booth where the kids got pretzels and marshmallows and gum drops and they could make things out of them. The pretzels get pushed into the marshmallows and gum drops to build things. The kids built a lot of houses and letters..."L" and "T" were the favorite, and one child built a helicopter. In the end they can eat their creation, throw it away or take it home. We had fun.

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