Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wednesday 10/1/08 dictionary and Halloween...

We bought a dictionary tonight. We know that we have one (or two), but we can't find it (or them). Maybe it has been packed. The one that we got is a combination dictionary and thesaurus. The kids have a lot of homework this year that they need it for.
We need to put up the Halloween decorations this week. William has decided to not go trick-or-treating this year. Maggie wants to go, but doesn't know what she wants to be. Beth wants to be a witch. She just wants a big enough to go over a winter hat, so that she can wear it if it gets cold. When the kids were little we used to make their costumes. We used wrapping paper, and tape, and boxes, and aluminum foil. Their favorite was to be a present. We cut a hole in the top of the box for their head, and holes for their arms. Then we would wrap the box in wrapping paper. It was so cute. If you do this , get a box that isn't too big or too small. If a big box is used, and the child trips and falls over, they can't get up. If the box is too small, then it is difficult to get the box on over their winter jacket.

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