Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday 10/17/08 Shovels and perrenial flowers...

The weather is starting to get cooler. We need more shovels. We have one that is for an adult, one that can go into a car trunk and two for little kids. We need three more adult size shovels.
My friends and I were talking the other day about which flowers will grow in their yards. They both have a lot of sun, so much that their hastes don't survive. They want to plant perennials next year so that they won't need to replant each year. I told them about our Snow Drops that bloom in January or February right through the snow. We water them all summer...well we water the ground where the bulb is, and then in the winter when we are ready for spring, they sprout. I am going to take them some bulbs for their yard.

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