Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday 10/24/08 snow shovels and Christmas cards...

We bought two more snow shovels today. The last time that we got shovels was when the kids were very young. So we have small shovels. Now, when it snows, we can all use a full size shovel.
We got out this years Christmas cards. One night I will put all of the addresses on them.Another night I will put our return address on them. I like to send them out right after we finish the Thanksgiving leftovers. If there is time I will add a short note about our family to each one. I write the same note on all of the cards. It would be difficult to think of new things to say in each of the cards, so they all get the same note. Last year the cards said...William is choosing a college, Maggie loves having a locker at school and Beth loves being the youngest. I am not sure what this years note will say.

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