Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday 10/6/08 fixing glasses, new assignments and bike tires

Maggie and Beth both needed their glasses fixed. Maggie's nose pieces had both fallen off, and Beth's nose pieces were both bent. We went in today to get their glasses adjusted. It is nice now to see the girls with their glasses sitting in the correct spot on their noses. After we were done we had about an hour before we could pick up William, so we went to a park with a playground. It was a playground that had a large climbing area. Sort of a combination slide, with walkways and a fireman's pole and ladders etc. The girls had fun. They played tag a lot. We did go to the swings too.
Next we picked up William and went home. He said that he may not need the Forbes magazine article for his class any more. The class may be going onto another project.
This evening we went for a bike ride. Maggie went around a corner too fast and fell off of the bike. She is OK. The back tire on the bike isn't round anymore. The bike wobbles now. We will need to get a new bike tire.

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