Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday 10/5/08 SAT test and errands...

I'm sorry, I tried to post last night, but was just too tired. William took the SAT test yesterday. He may need it for scholarships. While he was taking it the girls and I did some errands. We went to the library so that Maggie could get more books. She now has four books. She started reading one yesterday, and she seemed pretty interested in it. Beth also ended up with four books. Beth was only looking for one book, but it took Maggie a while to decide on her books and to have me OK them, so Beth spent a lot of time standing by the books with nothing to do. So she looked at books and chose some more. Also...we have now moved to the teen section in the library. They think that these books are so interesting.
When we were done with the library, we started looking for winter jackets. Some of the stores didn't have the jackets out yet, but they were having great sales on summer clothes. The rest of the stores had a few jackets out, but they didn't have attached hoods. We didn't get jackets yesterday. Then we bought some crickets for the frogs to eat, and went and picked up William. He said that the test had gone well.

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