Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday 10/06/08 crickets and rose cuttings...

We got more crickets on Saturday. This is a noisy group. They sing all night. When they stop singing in the morning, the birds outside are singing. I love hearing their songs. Our yellow mums by the front stairs have come in beautifully.
A few weeks ago, we took cuttings from my grandmothers rose bush and planted them. One has sprouted, and the rest are still alive...still green. I did a few things differently this time. After they were planted, they were given plant food. They were planted in an area that gets some sun and some shade, and they are watered with water that is not straight from the faucet. I heard that that water is too cold, and needs to set in the cup for a while to get to the temperature outside before it is given to the plants. Then the water isn't such a shock. I did water them every day for about the first three days, then I got busy with other things and they are now watered about once a week. It has rained some. I am so happy that one has sprouted.

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