Sunday, October 12, 2008

Saturday 10/11/08 Halloween planning...

We bought Halloween costumes for the girls today. Maggie didn't know what she wanted to be and Beth wanted to be a witch. They like to get costumes that can be warn over their winter jackets. Also, I don't allow any masks that could cover their eyes or any scary costumes. We are a PG rated, Walt Disney family. Maggie found a black cape, a wig and a really big purple hat. She is a funky witch. Beth found the same cape and a wig, but she didn't want the same costume as Maggie. Beth ended up deciding that because Maggie had a hat, their costumes are different. Neither of them wanted any more pieces for their costume, since the jacket would probably cover it up.
We also bought pumpkins. We got one for William too. He probably won't carve it, but we like William to know that we are still thinking about him.

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