Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thursday 11/27/08 Thanksgiving...

Happy Thanksgiving!!! We had a lot of fun today. The kids helped to prepare the meal. I always want to try to make a new dish, but I don't get out any new recipes. Maybe next week I will get out the cook book.
We have a white piece of cloth that we write what we are thankful for on each Thanksgiving. We use permanent marker. (If you do this, put some newspaper under the material. The ink can go through to the table underneath). We write our names and the date by what we wrote. Then years from now, we can see what we had thought about in the past.
The kids helped to put the left-overs away. It is always fun to see how they will work together. When they were young, the girls looked up to William. He would ask them to get him a lid for a container or put something away, and they would do it. Now, they all think that they are in charge. One will say to the other, "I need a lid for this container", and the other will say, "yes you do". They were all putting a left-over away and didn't want to leave their spot.

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