Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday 11/16/08 signing up for classes and "Bratz" dolls...

We signed William up for his next terms classes yesterday. It was a lot easier this time, since we have signed him up one other time. Then we went to get him a winter jacket. We went to the mall. I don't think that there is a recession in my town. The mall parking lot was full. It took a long time to find a parking spot. Also, everyone that we saw coming out of the mall was caring a package. Usually when there are rough economic times, no one has bought anything, they are all just looking. Yesterday, they were buying.
We literally went into every store in the mall that sells men's clothes to look for a winter jacket with a hood that does not come off (no zippers or buttons) and does not have any fur around the hat. William does not like the fur, he thinks that it looks like a girls jacket. We couldn't find a winter jacket. Last week when we went to look, we went to four stores. We were all tired after looking at the mall, and still didn't have a jacket. Beth had received some money for her birthday, so she wanted to go to another store to spend it. She had seen an MP3 that the one that music can be loaded onto? we went to look. It was a store that we had gone to last week for winter jackets, but since we were there, we looked never know, more jackets may have come in. We found a winter jacket for William. Cheer and clap... Beth decided that she didn't want the MP3 player. so she bought some "Bratz" dolls.
Have you seen the "Bratz" dolls? They are the ones that the feet come off and you can put different feet on them. Then the child doesn't have to slip the shoes on and off, they just put on different feet, that already permanently have shoes on them. It is really freaky to go around the house and see these stray feet laying around, or to see these dolls without feet. The new dolls have legs and feet that come off. The doll then had from its stomach up attached. The one that Beth got has three sets of legs. So we have two sets laying around without a body. This is even freakier. Maggie had the two sets of legs dancing, one set had ballerina feet and the other were regular with every day shoes on. Beth likes them. They come with lots of clothes.

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