Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday 11/7/08 frogs and flower bulbs...

We cleaned out the frogs container today. It was chilly out so we sat on the kitchen floor with newspapers under the container to clean it. The hardest part is catching the crickets. They must be put into a separate container before the big container can be cleaned out.
We also dug up all of our snowdrop flower bulbs. They are the ones that bloom in January or February. When they originally came, they were planted about a foot apart. Now each one has multiplied so that each one is a clump of about ten bulbs. The bulbs need to be dug up and carefully separated. Then they can be replanted. In another five years, all of them will be about ten bulbs. It is better to separate them each year...but we didn't. It will be nice this winter to see so many flowers.

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