Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday 7/16/08 public television, reading...

We like to watch some of the shows on Public Television (PBS). I need to call PBS and see where I can get a listing of there programs. We like "Nova" and "Wired Science" and a few others. We keep missing them because we can't figure out when they are on.
I have finished reading my book. I am going to start reading some of Shakespeare's comedies next. I would love to read Shakespeare and have tried before...but it always ended up that the old English isn't easy to read and I don't stay with it. But...since I have packed all of my other books and this book will be my only choice, I have a better chance of finishing it.
We went to the library to get the girls some books from their summer reading list. Maggie found two books and Beth found one. Beth is also having one sent from another library branch to our library. When the book gets here, the library has a computer call and leave a message that the book is in. Beth thinks that it will be fun to hear the computer talk.

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