Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday 7/10/08 sock dolls and solar power...

The girls started their sock dolls. This doll is shorter than the last two, so the arms and legs are smaller. The girls sewed one arm and decided that they looked too small and that the directions must be wrong. I have explained that it is a shorter doll and the arms and legs will be smaller. The girls have decided to make bigger arms, I thought that they should try the arms that they have sewn and see how they look...I think that the girls are going to make bigger ones.
William went to the library yesterday to get us some information on solar power. In the stores here we can buy a solar panel, but we need more information on what else we need and how to hook it up. William came home with five books on solar power and a book for him to read. We are hoping to look at the books tomorrow. I don't want to switch this house over to solar and then move...I just want us to get some information and see how much it will cost, how we can use it, and what we can gain.

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