Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday 7/15/08 bike riding...

We went for a bike ride last weekend. We got all four of the bikes onto the bike rack, took our helmets and waters and went to the bike shop to get our tires pumped up and purchase a new tire pump. At the bike shop...we had to take the bikes off of the bike rack. I was already tired. The bike seat on Maggie's bike kept tilting back, so we had it adjusted. It started to sprinkle. The kids looked so upset about the rain. I told them not to worry, that it may not be raining on the bike trail. Then we put the bikes back on the rack and went to the trail. We took the bikes off of the bike rack...by this point a folding bike was looking really good...if only I could find one for twenty dollars (then we could put all of the bikes into the trunk). William rode off down the trail...he is old enough to go alone. The girls and I had ridden for about twenty feet when it started pouring. We went back to the place where our car was parked and waited for it to stop.
The ride went well. The seat on Maggie's bike kept tilting back and my back tire went flat during the ride. Other than that it was fun. We didn't need to stop to rest as much as we did last year...we are all getting stronger. I will take Maggie's bike in soon to get the seat fixed. I am hoping to fix my flat tire here at home. We can't fix Maggie's bike, we are not strong enough.

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