Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday 6/30/08 Bike riding...

We need to take our bikes into the bike shop. Our bike pump stopped working last year and we all have flat tires. On Maggie's bike the seat is tilted back and none of us are strong enough to fix it.
Last year we took our bikes to a trail to ride. William rides ahead, and comes back every now and then to let us know that he is OK. Maggie and Beth ride with me. We take bottles of water with us. I remember on one ride the girls spotted a frog by the side of the trail. They jumped off of their bikes to catch it, the girls ran one way, the frog went another, the bikes fell over, and the water bottles bounced onto the ground. When the girls decided that they couldn't catch the frog, they retrieved their bikes and we rode off. A few miles later we realized that we had lost the water bottles

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