Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday 6/2/08 listing the house... ... ...

The real estate person is coming over to list the house on it too early to panic??????? Everything is done...except for: in the house, there are a few small things in each room, either they can't fit in a box (like the old top to the frogs container) or we need them and because this house doesn't have any storage, there isn't anywhere to put them. Tonight William boxed some of the blankets that aren't needed on the beds any more, Maggie did the dishes and Beth straightened up her chair (we don't have a hall closet so each of the kids has a chair in the living room for their back packs and jackets). Tomorrow we will do the outside. We need to cut the grass...we have an older type lawn mower that when the wheels turn, the blades turn. The blades need as William cuts the grass, I will go around and cut the grass that was too thick for the lawn mower with the grass clippers. All of the mulch is in the garage in bags...I found a sale a few weeks ago...I hope that there is enough because they are sold out so I can't go back there to get more mulch of the same color. Before the mulch is put in, the weeds need to be pulled.
I think that I am going to go and get a bowl of ice cream.

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