Friday, April 6, 2012

4/6/12 written Sunday 4/1/12 cont. being baptized...

I was baptized today. I do feel new, like a burden was lifted. The kids and I picked up Beth's friend and went to the church. There was a short meeting to make sure that everyone was sure that they were ready to be baptized. We got our pictures taken and gave them a copy of our spiritual story...what we had done before, what we had worshiped, like work or money, when did the change happen and why did we want to be baptised. They baptize people in large pools with full dunking. We went to the chapel where they showed us how to line up and how the service would go.

then we went into the sanctuary and all sat in two areas together. There are two tubs so one group sat on the left and one on the right side of the church. The water was very warm, 104 deg. The washing away of the, person etc,. and coming out of the water as someone who belongs to God in a deeper and closer way was so fulfilling. It all happened so fast. About seventy people were baptized that day.

There was a church service and communion at the same service. There was singing as the baptisms were being done. After that there was community time out in the church. They had "walking tacos", root beer floats, inflatables for the kids and music.

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