Monday, April 23, 2012

4/23/12 wtitten Wednesday 4/11/12 board games and unicycles...

We played board games a few nights ago. We haven't played board games in a long time. We played "Blockus 3D" and "Go". It was a lot of fun. We played for a few hours.

Maggie has been riding the unicycle. She has been holding onto the fence as she rides along it. The last time that she was riding she started by the garage and tried to ride down the driveway. On the first try she was able to the length of a half of a peddle before she fell off. By the time that she came in she was able to pedal twice before falling. Maggie was so pleased. She looks sturdier when she is away from the fence, because she is relaying on her own balance and not on the fence to balance her.

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