Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday 8/11/08 the new bike...

The folding bike arrived Thursday. We were all so happy. It came in good condition. We opened the box and all of us tried to put it together. We couldn't do it. The handlebars didn't fit in their spot, the seat would go up, but wouldn't stay in place, the chain was off and it looked twisted to us and...I think that we did get the pedals on OK. At first we thought that there was a problem with the bike, maybe we got the one in a million bad one...but as the problems continued, I thought that maybe we just needed help to assemble it. Maybe some of the problems just need one adjustment that we just don't know how to do or what to look for.
We were taking Maggie's bike in to get the flat tire we took the new bike in too. The guys looked at the bike like they could fix it without a problem.They said that it could be picked up on Friday. I hoped that everything works out and we can use it this last weekend.

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