Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday 8/11/08 bird feeders and solar ovens...

We put a bird feeder in the backyard last week. It is the kind that holds a block of suet. We are hoping that if we had some birds in the yard they would eat the mosquitoes.
The birds can eat a block of suet in three days. Oh my...The mosquitoes are gone, but they are gone on the whole street. So, is this the end of the season for mosquitoes? I don't think that one bird feeder could clear a whole street.
We are going to make a solar oven. We have some plywood in the garage for the base. Today I got a large inner tube...the size that you would go inner tubing goes on the plywood. We still need a black pan with a black lid to go in the center and a piece of Plexiglases to go on top. The directions said to use glass on top, but I think that this would be too dangerous with the kids.
The sunlight goes through the Plexiglases and gets trapped between it and the inner tube and the plywood. The black pan absorbs the heat and cooks the food. We may put a few large rocks on top to hold the Plexiglases on. I hope that it works.

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