Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday 5/27/08 new shoes, vacuuming and baby pictures

The girls needed new shoes. Maggie wanted high tops, the old fashioned kind like they wore when I was a kid, and Beth wanted regular tennis shoes.
They both found what they wanted. Today's high tops are stiff, they stay in one place when they are being put on, the old style ones don't. As soon as Maggie got the sides to stand up, the tongue would fall in. Watching her put on these shoes was like watching aerobics. She had a great time entertaining us.
William brought home a paper from school that said that he has enough credits to graduate. On the back it said to bring in some baby pictures. Instant panic. All of the pictures are in storage...he must have pictures, this is graduation...Its OK, I will go to storage to get some, I should take scissors to open the boxes and tape to close them up after I look through them...I think I know where a box of pictures is.
We vacuumed the dining room. It looks nice. We moved all of the furniture out and vacuumed behind it, then we moved it all back. We have a shelf with two sets of encyclopedias on them (if the kids mention that they have a project due on Monday, and it is Sunday night and the Internet is down...they can use the encyclopedias for their report.) We took all of the encyclopedias off and moved out the shelf to vacuum, then we put them all back. Between painting the room, and painting the chair-rail twice (the first color was to wild, it reminded me of a circus) and vacuuming, the encyclopedias have a lot of miles on them.
After we were done I realized that the kids baby books were still at the house. William has some pictures to take to school now.

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