Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday 5/19/08 crocheting blankets for the kids...

I would like to crochet a bed-sized blanket for each of the kids. I was thinking of blue for William, red for Maggie and pink for Beth. When I asked William what he thought, he didn't look pleased. He asked if he had to take it to college. I said no, it could be left at home, would he like the color blue? He wanted to think about it. A few days later I mentioned the blanket again, William said that he did want to take it to college and he wanted a lot of colors that didn't match. Then, when people came into his dorm room it would startle them.
I asked Maggie if she would like a red blanket for her bed (red is her favorite color). She said that she would like a bright yellow, bright red and bright blue one. Just like the small one that I had made for her doll.
Third, I asked Beth if she wanted a pink blanket. Beth said that she needed to think about the colors and she would get back to me.
I wanted to start on William's blanket first, since he is leaving first, so...Beth has a while to decide on her colors.

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