Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wednesday 11/28/07 Decorating the church...

We decorated the church for Christmas tonight. It was fun. We helped decorate two trees and sang Christmas songs. There were twenty to forty people decorating. The first tree had a long...white...veil type (see through) piece of material that we draped around the tree first. Next we put on green plastic leaves and big bows. It looked very elegent. The second tree, in another room, had some ornament art work from the kids Sunday School class.. After the ornaments were up we took strips of paper and stapled them into a chain to put on the tree. We had about ten kids and three staplers. We were at a round table so we ended up having the kids staple one link to their chain and pass the stapler to the left. When we all had to go the kids stapled their individual chains together to make a long chain. We made a lot of memories tonight.

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