Saturday, November 24, 2007

Friday 11/23/07 Holidays and shopping...

The kids have almost finished the Thanksgiving left-overs. We will be back to non-holiday foods tomorrow. That's OK. It was fun. We may put the tree up on Sunday. I had wanted to start filling out my Christmas cards, putting on their addresses one night, signing them another...but now I can't find them. I saw the cards last week, I must have moved them. William wanted to go to the bookstore at the mall today, and Beth had money from her birthday to spend. I don't go to the mall very often. I enjoy buying groceries, I just don't enjoy shopping at the mall.
While we were there we saw two little girls on a ride. It was a roller coaster ride. The kids sit in the seat and the view on the screen is what you would see if you were riding on a coaster. It was a ride for little kids. The girls were about three of four years old. Their parents were standing close by. As the screen changed from going up hill to down hill the seat where the girls sat moved so that the riders feel like they are moving on the ride. The little girls were so excited, hanging onto the handle and cheering. I remember when I was young and everything that happened was so exciting.
Beth bought dolly clothes with her money.
We played outside today. I raked up the dead leaves from the hasta plants and only found three of the kids toys under them. The mums have started to bloom. It is so exciting to have some color in the yard.

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