Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday 12/19/08 crunchy snow and plans for the weekend...

A storm came in last night. There was snow and then rain, and then it froze. What a mess. It made the snow crunchy on top. Beth said that her favorite part was walking on the snow and having it break under her. She was so excited. The eyes of a child see many wonders.
Tomorrow we are going to have the kids make their Christmas presents. Then we are going to get dresses for the girls. William already has a suit. I asked him if he wanted a Christmas tie to wear. He said ''no'' very quickly. Then we are going to make cookies. We each also need to make an ornament for the tree. This will be a full weekend. The kids are so excited. The girls are out of school for the holiday also. Maggie is happy to have more time to read and Beth already misses all of her friends.

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