Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sunday 12/2/07 my favorite plants...

There are a few plants around the yard that I really care about. There are some hastas from my grandparent's farm and also some rhubarb that came from the farm. There are the snow drop bulbs, the hastas from the neighbors down the street and the strawberries from my mom. If we move in the spring when the ground is still frozen, these plants won't be able to come with us.
A few months ago I bought some flower pots. Saturday I took some of each of these plants and put them into the pots and put them into the garage. Now I can quit worrying about moving without them.
I have two more plants that I care a lot about, my great-grandparents roses. I have brought seven cuttings of both of them in the house to root. All of great-grandpas sprouted. None of great-grandmas have. There is only one of great grandmas rose bushes outside, I didn't want to put it into the garage, for fear that it would die. The cuttings are still alive, maybe they will sprout.

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